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Company focuses on generating high-quality leads for lenders and brokers across the country

HERMOSA BEACH, CA – April 18, 2006 – Mortgage lead provider announced today that the company had generated its 250,000th online mortgage inquiry.  The lead, from a homeowner seeking a $194,000.00 refinance loan in Florida was generated at 10:34 AM ET at the company’s consumer web portal,

“We pride ourselves on generating leads in-house,” said the company’s Founder and President, Timothy Edwards, “A lead provider is only as good as the quality of their data and we believe that we have the best quality leads in the business.”

When a mortgage shopper enters their loan request into one of the company’s web portals, the data is instantly sorted and matched with lenders who are best suited to assist the borrower.  Each lead is sent to up to four lenders in real-time, who in turn contact the lead and attempt to close the loan.   

According to Edwards, the average closing percentage for lenders in the network is 4-6%.  “So, if you buy 100 leads, you should expect to see about 4-6 loans,” says Edwards.  “At $30 - $35 per lead, a broker is looking at a very healthy return on investment if they achieve even average results.”

Since it’s inception in 2002, has worked with nearly 500 banks and brokers from across the country.  In 2005, the company partnered with Ellie Mae Inc., the award-winning provider of innovative software and services for the mortgage industry to build Ellie Mae’s Encompass Lead Center, an easy-to-use solution for delivering real-time leads to mortgage professionals right into the Encompass Contact Manager. 

Founded in 2002, delivers thousands of fresh leads each month to mortgage lenders across the country. Leads are generated via a network of websites, including and is a registered dba of The Wisdom Companies, LLC.

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