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BigMortgageLeads Introduces Hot Transfer Mortgage Leads

February 22, 2008 (HERMOSA BEACH, CA) – Top-tier lead provider announced the introduction of their new, hot transfer mortgage lead product.

"We entered the market because of our current customers," said Tim Edwards,'s Co-Founder and President. "Many have wanted to test hot transfers, but were afraid of getting burned. With us, they are familiar with our Internet leads, and so it's been a seamless transition to start supplying hot transfers to our client base."'s hot transfers start as Internet inquiries. After a consumer fills out a form online requesting a mortgage quote, one of's quality control representatives calls to verify the consumer's information. During the process, if the consumer expresses desire to speak to a loan broker right away, the representative immediately transfers the lead to a loan broker's phone. The representative facilitates the process by introducing the homeowner to the broker and connecting the call.

"Our clients have been very successful with the program since launch," said Edwards, "and we look forward to building out the hot transfer product in the coming months."

Hot transfer leads are currently priced between $40 and $100, depending upon state and loan criteria. Click here to learn more about hot transfer product. The company also offers hot transfers for debt settlement and credit repair leads.

Founded in 2002, delivers thousands of fresh leads each month to mortgage lenders across the country. Leads are generated via a network of websites, including and is a registered dba of The Wisdom Companies, LLC.
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