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Email works! Make sure to follow up with your leads via phone, and email. If a lead is too busy to talk during the day, they often like to get the process started via email. Be sure to include your contact information in any correspondence.
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Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Buy Real-time Mortgage Leads for only $5 each!

Need to give your mortgage business a shot in the arm? We offer mortgage professionals like you the ability to target your ideal customer with real time mortgage leads starting at only $5 per record.

Youre in control

We make it easy! You can buy 5 leads per day or 500 (or any number in between). To get started, simply create your account, choose your filters, and start receiving leads in a matter of minutes.

Available filters:

  • State
  • Credit grade
  • Loan amount
  • Home value
  • LTV

Give us a call at 800-391-2688 and one of our dedicated account managers will walk you through the different options for setting up your campaign.

Option #1 - Want the Best Bang for Your Buck?

Buy 50 Real-time Mortgage Leads for $250

Our famous 50 for $250 program gives your business a kick start with high quality leads for only $5.00 each!

How it works

  • Choose your loan type - Refi, Purchase or a mix
  • Pick your credit grades (minimum of 2)
  • Set your states
  • Standard $125k minimum loan amount
  • No leads over 100% LTV
  • Campaign runs Mon-Fri
  • Get leads for only $5 each!

Option #2 - Need More Selective Filters?

Choose Custom Target Leads starting at $9.99 Each!

How this works:

  • Choose your loan type(s)
  • Pick any credit grade
  • Set your states
  • You choose the loan amount filter
  • You set the LTV
  • Turn the campaign on / off as you please
  • Leads start at $9.99 each

Custom Target Lead Pricing:

Pick your states – Free
Choose your loan type – Free
Credit Filter – Free

Loan Amount Filter

100,000 = Free
150,000 = add $2.00 per lead
200,000 = add $4.00 per lead
250,000 = add $5.00 per lead

Max LTV Filter

100% = Free
95% = add $2.00 per lead
90% = add $5.00 per lead
85% = add $7.00 per lead
80% = add $9.00 per lead


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